• Empower your felt sense of boundaries and ability to communicate them.
  • Learn and integrate tools for expanding pleasure.
  • Value your desires and practice asking for what you want.
  • Deepen your relationship to receiving.
  • Unwind trauma, shame, stories and habits.
  • Map and understand anatomy.
  • Map pleasure by noticing what feels good, where, and how.
  • Incorporate pleasure into scar tissue remediation.

Our 1:1 session is curated around your intention of choice which may be to:

Your intention guides us through one of the two forms:

A 60 minute session where we study your body’s experience of pleasure, desire and consent through guided body based practices. This may include using breath, movement, imagery, touch or voice to support your awareness.

Guided Somatic Explorations

A 75 minute massage guided by your unique desires and intentions. I support your embodied learning through touch, somatic inquiry and staying present to your body’s cues. We move at the pace of trust and your enthusiastic ongoing consent. No body part is off limits and a signed, detailed agreement is provided after a connection call.

Somatic Pleasure Bodywork

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Do I have to be naked or have my genitals touched in a bodywork session?

Absolutely not. You can have as much or as little clothing on as you’d like and nothing happens if you don’t ask for it. You are the one steering our session while I keep you anchored in your body’s experience. I meet you exactly where you are.

What if I don’t have the funds?

Nobody is turned away for a lack of funds. Please send me a direct email if cost is a barrier to you and I’m happy to arrange something workable within my integrity.

What does somatic mean?

Somatic essentially refers to the body. Somatic practices are body based practices. We work with your direct experience of sensation.

Do you do online sessions?

I am willing to depending on your needs and intentions. I’m happy to discuss more in a discovery call.

Jess is such a gentle and thoughtful human being! I started going to her because I was looking for help with discovering and enforcing my sexual boundaries. She made sure that we went slow and established trust, which has been super helpful to know what that feels like in my body, so I can notice if other sexual partners can do this with me. It’s really special to have someone to work on rewiring my body to begin to know what safety feels like! Yay for safer sex practices.